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Brushless DC motor or brushless DC motor is a motor without brush and commutator. Although it is called DC motor, because there is no brush, the actuating principle becomes the form of AC synchronous motor. It uses power electronic technology to input AC signals to the motor to control the direction of DC and the coil group passing through, and obtain torque to make the rotor rotate.
The frequency conversion speed regulation control device is adopted to change the fan speed, so as to change the fan air volume to meet the needs of the production process, and the operation energy consumption is the most economical and the comprehensive benefit is the highest. Therefore, variable frequency speed regulation is the best speed regulation scheme with high efficiency. It can realize the stepless speed regulation of the fan, and can easily form a closed-loop control system to realize the control of constant pressure or constant flow.
DC variable frequency water pump has the characteristics of long service life, low power consumption, low noise, balanced speed regulation, environmental protection and safety, reliable operation, no interference, energy saving and so on. It is widely used in automation equipment, water circulation, automobile circulation heat dissipation, small household appliances, medical devices, chemical industry, batteries, biopharmaceutical equipment, solar products, indoor and outdoor small fountains, Jacuzzi, swimming pool filtration, aquarium filtration system, battery heat dissipation system, automatic coffee machine, music fountain, aquarium, micro water landscape and other handicrafts, village water supply Pasture water supply, water supply in remote areas, household water supply, garden irrigation, mobile air conditioning equipment, refrigeration industrial equipment such as refrigerator, foot bathtub and fruit juice machine, automotive supplies, etc.
It mainly develops and manufactures complete sets of equipment for intelligent production lines of micro motors and electric vehicle motors, and provides manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions for professional motor manufacturers to promote the overall manufacturing level of the motor industry.
Whirlpool products are widely used in all kinds of electric fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, monitoring and other fields, and can provide customers with overall solutions of variable frequency control and drive.