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Park Introduction

  Stock Code: 871518

  Guangdong Huilipu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992,It is a professional company engaged in stepper motors, DC brushless motors, and servo motors High integration of research and development, production, and sales of variable frequency drive control systems Technology enterprises. The company has a technology research institute and six subsidiary companies Three production bases, covering mold research and development and manufacturing, as well as high-speed stator and rotor manufacturing Precision stamping, precision shell stretching and stamping, die-casting, injection molding, automation The equipment and upstream and downstream industrial chain are complete. Huilipu products are widely used in machinery Personnel, automation equipment, CNC machine tools, household appliances, security and other related fields Domain. And we can provide customers with an overall solution for variable frequency control drive.


Hefei huilipu Motor Co., Ltd. was invested and constructed by Guangdong huilipu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Feixi Taohua Industrial Park in 2012. It is a key investment attraction project in Feixi County. It covers an area of 120 mu, has perfect working and living supporting facilities, and has convenient transportation. It mainly produces intelligent execution components and components, such as stepping motor, stepping servo motor, air conditioning intelligent damper We have advanced production equipment and basically realized the informatization of the whole production process. Our main customers are Gree, Midea, Haier, Changhong, Hisense, TCL and other famous domestic home appliance manufacturers.


In 2019, adhering to the concept of the whole industrial chain of Brushless DC motor, the joint stock company controlled Zhongshan Haite Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Haite Precision Hardware Products Co., Ltd., and settled in Haite park with Zhongshan Mingjie Automation Technology Co., Ltd., forming a global service provider for R & D and production of high-speed stamping die, high-precision iron core and motor automation equipment.

There are 30 technical engineers in the park, and nearly 100 imported high-end equipment such as optical surface grinding (Amada gls5p), CNC wire cutting (Agie AC pr0gress VP2), spark machine (znc-540), dobby high-speed punch, etc.


Prominent features


Management features

People oriented and keep improving


Scientific research characteristics

Innovation is the soul of national progress


Resource characteristics

The sea embraces all rivers and all flowers bloom

Development history

Initial stage of establishment

1992Initial stage of establishment

Huilipu was founded in Hunan
Small achievements

2006Small achievements

Small achievements moved to Guangdong and established Zhongshan huilipu Motor Co., Ltd
Continuous development

2012Continuous development

Set up Hefei huilipu Motor Co., Ltd
Stable maturity

2015Stable maturity

Officially renamed Guangdong huilipu
Strategic positioning

2016Strategic positioning

Move to the national Torch Development Zone and locate the group headquarters
Continuous innovation

2017Continuous innovation

Listed on the new third board, stock code 871518
Contrarian growth

2018Contrarian growth

Open up overseas markets, operating more than 100 million
Diversified development

2019Diversified development

Holding mold and hardware companies, improving the industrial chain and establishing Haite park
Looking ahead

2020Looking ahead

Increase scientific research cooperation and enter the first year of Brushless DC motor

Enterprise concept

Enterprise introduction

Employment concept

Employee first, achieve employee dream

Enterprise introduction

Customer concept

Customer first, create customer value

Enterprise introduction

Quality concept

Pursue quality and zero defect

Enterprise honor